Update to Terms and Conditions?

I was looking up something in the T&C’s and noticed that Tidal is mentioned explicitly but not Qobuz.

4.2 By using the Roon Software with music Services, you agree to the applicable terms and conditions for those accounts, which you may access and review at http://www.tidal.com for TIDAL. If you do not agree to the applicable terms and conditions for such an account, do not use the Roon Software in connection with that account.

Good catch Ged

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Did the introduction of Valence change anything with respect to privacy and data protection? Did you notice? Thx

In what way would you think it might?

Not sure. That more data of how I use Roon and what my library consists of is being processed etc. I haven’t even had t time to really explore all new functions. I just gathered that 1.7 was advancing AI, and AI is commonly build around lots and lots of user data.

Nothing more than was already collected. There are threads on the forum with replies from the roon COO on what’s gathered and used already and the AI pieces just build in that. It was already used in roon radio.

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