Updating titles already in my library

I am new to the Roon world. I would like to go back through my cd library and update my music using ALAC. How do I go about doing this with Roon? Also, a really “stupid” newbie question is how I add new music to my Roon library? So far Roon has blown away my expectations. Thanks in advance

Any music in the folders designated in Roon>Settings>Storage will show up inside Roon.

Roon cannot transcode files, only play them.

Are you transcoding so that Apple Music can read the files?

You can use XLD to transcode to ALAC:

I have been using Apple Music to organize my library as well as rip CDs. Traditionally I’d been ripping CDs @ 320 in Apple’s lossy format. I’ve begun going back and ripping them in ALAC. I can delete & rip CDs using Apple Music. Not sure how to get the updated files organized using Roon. Thanks

Roon doesn’t actually organize anything, in the sense that things move on disk. It just reads metadata and presents things as if they were organized.

Ripping to ALAC is fine, Roon will play those. Or, you can use XLD or Max to rip to FLAC, which is more compatible with other systems, but not Apple!.

Roon should read your lossy .m4a files ok until you replace them with lossless files. If you put the new files into directories that Roon is watching, then you will have “duplicate” albums, and can use Roon Versions view to delete them. Or, and I think this is simpler, just throw away the lossy files as soon as you rip lossless. You shouldn’t have to do anything in Roon that way.

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