Updating to 1.8 on Linux?

Where the hell is the instructions for Linux RoonServer upgrade? is this yet again something that has been overlooked?

“The wait is over… Today, you’ll be prompted to update your Roon Core to 1.8”

I’m sorry but no I wasn’t, because there is no PPA for Ubuntu and Roon isn’t in any repositories. So I go to the core download page for Linux and there is 0 versioning information there??

Either launch Roon and update from the About page or run the easy installer again.

Would have nice for them to think about ALL users, not just windows users as always and update their knowledge base

Guess that’s too much to ask.

Update procedure is the same for all platforms. Open Roon, go to about tab and click update

I can’t access the core after the Roon App on my phone was automatically updated to 1.8 (without asking me!). It seems I have no way of updating the core… BOOOO, BAD ROON!!!

If your core is running on ROCK then it should autoupdate. If it’s running on regular Linux server then you should be able to update by running the installation script again