Upgrade from 3.061 is stuck in download

Upgrade was detected and download initiated from the web interface. Normally takes under 10 seconds. After several minutes, rebooted by pulling the power. The reboot button on the Advanced page of the web interface was inactive. After power up, detected an upload was available and hung again when I initiated the download. feedback 898b367d51fb2606 taken after second attempt.

Just needed to wait, after another five minutes, it asked for a reboot. Now successfully on 3.062.

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There were a number of big changes in stable if this is what you are running that will take some time to complete the download and also might need a longer installation time and reboots.

I only see version 3.02 on my P4

He’s on beta.

Sorry was out and about and didn’t check what the latest beta build was :man_facepalming:t3: