Upgrade from HIFIBerry DIGI+ PRO?

Hi All,
I currently have a HIFIBerry DIGI+ PRO running via SPDIF to my RME adi-2 dac then Marantz HD Amp1 to Kef r3. I am seeing that people seem to vastly prefer the allo digione signature as transport, but i was wondering if moving from the hifiberry to the allo without any other changes will produce better sound (I am not planning to run the battery power supply on the allo, this is not worth the hassle to me)

Personally, I don’t know why it would make any difference. You’re sending digital to your DAC either way.

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Have you tried a Raspberry Pi (without Hi-Fi Berry HAT) to the RME’s USB input? This would be the purest (and cheapest) path IMO. You can test it quite easily, and I recommend Ropiee for the Pi.


I would second @mikeb’s recommendation.

Unless your DAC doesn’t have a USB input, then there’s no good reason to use a Hifiberry Digi+/Allo Digione/…


Thanks for this. Actually, the only reason for this is that the USB of the RME is occupied by the USB out of my nVidia Shield which doesn’t have any other way to output sound to an external device :slight_smile:
I might try the USB from the PI then and then transport the nVidia vie the TV and back to the RME via optical, although then it’l be only 48 kHz.

Or, maybe a USB splitter or hub.

This is exactly what I do. It has the advantage that I just select TV on my preamp and the TV does the audio source switching to whatever its displaying.

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I run everything through my LG TV to my Bose system.

There are a few reasons it can be better. Mostly because it isolates the noise of the Pi from your digital signal. Pi’s suck on their own…too much noise generated by crappy regulators, too many operations and busses that you don’t need in an end point…all generating noise.
Your HiFi Berry does not isolate the digital signal from the Pi. You will find that people modified ran the hifi berry hat from a second power source in order to do just that. Allo does that and goes one step better with the isolator board in-between the Pi and the I2S to spdif board.
Also batteries are not hard…they last for 6 days or so…cost less than a proper power supply. Worth it to me for sure.