Upgrade from Nucleus Plus Rev A to Rev B

My Nucleus Plus (Rev A) stopped working after several years and so I purchased a new Nucleus Plus (presumably Rev B) which should arrive today. I have a few questions:

  1. Is there a definitive guide to moving from an old Nucleus Plus to a new one? Similarly, is there a definitive guide to restoring from backup as part of that process?

  2. I have an 8TB SSD in my old Nucleus Plus. Can I just transfer this drive to the new device, or do I have to reformat and then copy over the data again? If I can just transfer, do I restore from backup before transfering the drive, or can I just transfer the drive when I receive the new Nucleus Plus and then restore when I start up the Nucleus for the first time?

  3. I had upgraded my old Nucleus Plus (Rev A) to 32GB of RAM. Can I just move the old RAM to the new device? If not, what RAM is guaranteed to work?

  4. Any other questions I should be asking?

  1. There’s not a “definitive guide” for your case, but the steps are essentially the same as given in the existing Nucleus Migration Guide.
  1. Because your internal SSD has already been formatted by your old Nucleus, you should simply be able to install it into your new Nucleus, music and all without the need to format it again. Follow Step 2 of the Nucleus Migration Guide to restore your Backup, and this should bring everything into your Roon Library, because you have not really changed the filepath to your music, so Step 3 in the Nucleus Migration Guide is not necessary.

  2. I don’t know the definitive answer to your question 3. Moving the RAM across should work, particularly if the motherboards are of the same generation (i.e. only the casing is different between Rev A and B of the Nucleus).


To the best of my knowledge, yes - unless support says otherwise.

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Paging @support - do you have the answer to the question about RAM compatibility? Thanks.

The RAM in the rev B is a bit faster, but they are both DDR4. It should work fine.

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Oh, @danny can you suggest RAM that would be better for Rev B? I have searched through many threads regarding RAM upgrades and didn’t see Rev A vs Rev B called out.

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What have you done with the old machine?

  • Supports two 1.2V DDR4 SO-DIMMs
  • 1866 MHz, 2133 MHz and 2400MHz
  • Unbuffered, non-ECC
  • Single-sided or double-sided