Upgrade HQ Player


I use Roon -> HQ Player on a custom built Falcon Northwest Tiki Windows 10 PC. It is a few years old but works wonderful.

My question is I currently am using HQ Player version 3.202 and just downloaded version 3.253. Is there any reason to upgrade? If so, are there any issues of running a direct upgrade, cautions to use, etc.?

Thank you.

You should uninstall your prevoius version. Settings and rigistration will not change.


Thank you for the reply. I guess the other real question is are there any reasons to upgrade 3.20.2 to 3.25.3?

What’s in Jussi’s release notes? New filters, fixes?

That is the thing, on the HQPlayer website I do not see release notes. Therefore it is very hard to determine what the changes/updates, etc. are. My assumption being a programmer is that since it is only a 0.05 version numbering change. This would indicate minor or updates for a specific product. This is why I asked here, thinking maybe some users may know the changes and if they are necessary.

If you go to HQPlayer website and click on main it gives you all the releases with all the changes.

I’ve upgraded HQ Player Desktop many times without a problem. The NAA is also upgraded from time to time, but Sonore handle that when I upgrade their Sonic Orbiter software.