Upgrade local library low-quaity files with TIDAL

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way for ROON to automatically match low-definition files in my local library with lossless files in TIDAL, and then play the best-quality file available. I know I can do that if I have the same song or album in both TIDAL and my local library, but I am looking for something that would not require that I create essentially a duplicate version on TIDAL of my local library.

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Hi Gianfranco,

Roon will play the highest quality version of albums/tracks in your library by default, but to get Tidal albums/tracks into your library you need to favourite them in Tidal or "add’ them in Roon. Adding an album/track from Tidal doesn’t download it to your local storage, so there is no storage overhead to duplicating in Tidal.

Roon is supposed to automatically flag duplicates and hide them by default. You can set duplicates to be displayed in settings/general/browsing preferences/show hidden tracks and albums.

Roon is supposed to display the ‘best’ version or the local version of equivalents.

Is Roon behaving differently for you from the above ?

You can view or select albums/tracks by quality using focus/format or duplicates using focus/inspector/multiple formats. You can bookmark those searches so you can return to them with a single click (well, two). I can’t think of a way of automatically adding higher quality albums/tracks from Tidal, I think that may need to be done manually.

If you’d like to suggest a new feature where Roon automatically plays a better version from Tidal, including tracks/albums not in your library, then we could shift this thread over to feature requests for others to comment and consider. Let me know if you’d like to start that discussion.

Not yet – key word being yet :slight_smile:



Yes, it is behaving the way you describe. I guess I am asking for a new feature. I have hundreds of albums (in low definition) in my local library that Roon identified correctly. For me to add them to the Tidal favorite list one by one would be very tedious. My point is, it would be great to have a feature that allows Roon to kist go out to Tidal and grab a lossless version of the album that it has identified in my local library. Thanks!

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I’ve shifted this thread into Feature Requests for comment. It may be something that @danny or @brian could contribute to.

I think a bulk favouriting option would be better than conducting a fresh streaming service search before each play.

Good point.

this feature is on the roadmap.


Hello, trying to bring this back to life. Is this feature still planned? Any ETA? Thanks!


We’ve implemented a link between local albums in your library and their TIDAL equivalent in Build 88.

So, for any local album that has a match, you’ll see the Other Versions button and you can click through to the TIDAL version.

Note that the button is tinted just slightly blue when there’s a TIDAL link.

I know some people are looking for more of a bulk "upgrade all my lossy albums to their TIDAL equivalents, and we’re thinking abut that kind of feature too, but no timelines to share yet.

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Have to say that I find the current version of the feature a little annoying. Ive got 1000s of albums and some are old mp3s that have been replaced by flac/wav over the years…but not deleted. ‘Other versions’ is a great opportunity to see where the duplicates lie and sort them out once and for all. The trouble is that I keep getting tidal versions being flagged which is pointless in most cases, with the exception of the use case that the OP pointed out, when there is a higher quality version available.

Hey Crom,

How about in Album View, focus using Format and select MP3. Then select each MP3 album and check for a high resolution equivalent in your system. If you’ve got one, then delete the MP3. If not, then see if there’s a Tidal version, add it to your library and delete the MP3.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg, I could definitely do that but it’s more fun editing whilst playing. I just keep the synology files app open behind roon on the iPad and switch to delete when necessary. Interesting point you make at the end of your post when you say, delete my MP3 version if it’s available on Tidal. I could never do that. Tidal won’t exist one day and I might need that MP3. But it is good to know if there’s a higher res version available to play.

Any word on how this feature is progressing? This is my number one wished-for item

Even a Focus option along the lines of “Available on TIDAL” would be helpful, if that’s possible.

Is there a bulk mp3<->tidal swap feature in 1.3? If not, is it coming somewhen?

My Data Music HDD (3tb regular seagate) broke last week (I have backup).
But I do not want to bother with Hdd’s anymore. They break a lot.!!
I want to upgrade (swap) all my files to Tidal, except my Hd collection (which I will still have phisical copy in a smaller Hdd) .
The Idea to bulk (automaticly) swap all files to Tidal seems to be excellent, as I have 40k files. It would be impractical to do it manually!!
Any help is welcome

Roon still defaults to the old lossy 256kbps ACC versions of albums/songs that Roon imported to my library from my hard drive vs the lossless FLAC/MQA versions on Tidal. This also happens with Roon Radio since it also prefers files in library vs Tidal.

Any updates when feature to default to best available version is coming out?