Upgrade your Tidal account [Sign in from different account]

This is my first post here.
My problem is that I can not get Roon to login to my tidal account and get an error saying to upgrade my tidal account.

My system is very simple
Modem to switch to Nucleus to LUMIN D2 to amp.
The error message is new today system has been running fine for a long time.
Qobuz login is fine
I can login to tidal on the D2 or my phone but not on the nucleus
I’ve rebooted everything a hundred times
I’ve logged out and in everywhere I can think of.
Any ideas what might be wrong?

Edit: must learn to reread everything…lol.

Very strange if it’s truly working on D2 etc.

However…is it possible that somehow your account has moved down to the free tier?

This would not work with Roon but likely would with Lumin and your phone.

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What happens when you try to login? do you get prompted to log in on a website?
Should look like this (in chrome):

or this (after the robot check):

You might try moving the “tidal” db file(s) out of the cache folder on your Nucleus and force it to recreate them, I have seen where these get corrupted some times. It the should be under the “roonserver\cache” on your nucleus.
Mine look like this:

Thank you all for taking the time to think about my problems!! I think you were both right! My sign in was screwed up because I signed in with my Apple ID and Roon was thinking that was a free account.

Thanks again!! All good now!


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