Upgraded an old Asus TF300T to 4.4 for the task

and an excellent result too. Smoooth as you like, and a great use for an older tablet.

Just thought I’d put this out there in case anyone else is in the same position as was bit of a pain upgrading the Asus Transformer and happy to share my experience if it is helpful to anyone.

Now hoping the Roon guys will cut down the app for use on an android phone, which I know has already been discussed, but would make a perfect remote.

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Hi, @thegruf. I have sideloaded the app on my Note 3 and it works just fine. :smile: But, I agree they need to do a UI optimized for phone size/orientation.

Hi @thegruf could you please give details on updating the TF300T. My brother who is very good with computers cannot figure out how to do mine.

Thanks Brian

@Brian -wow - I have to go back some to remember this now.
It wasn’t straightforward, that much I do recall.
Let me think on it and i’ll see what I can get back to you with.
Once you get root though it is as simple as anything.