Upgraded dsp-dsp 512, filters

Hey. I love your new DSP options. A very nice improvement. I would, however, love to see some improvements. I know many Roon subscribers would like dsd 512 capability. I know I would. And, it would be nice to have more filter options beyond the two now offered. Something along the lines of the filters offered by HQP would be really great.

Right now, the sq from HQP easily bests Roon’s. However, as I am sure you are aware, the HQP interface is absolutely awful. And, the Roon integration is not so hot either. Every time I stop playing music after having the integration up and running, HQP disconnects from Roon and I have to waste a bunch of time on my computer getting it up and running again. And, there is no way to switch between devices (I run Roon and HQP on two) on Roon. Again that requires me to go play with my computer for a while just to get music playing.

So, it would be great if your DSP had sq that competes with HQP so we can take advantage of your awesome interface. Or, perhaps the HQP integration could be improved. That option is less desirable because HQP has its own issues that it does not seem to be resolving.

Thanks. Love your product/.

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So, now we have 512. That is terrific and greatly appreciated. There are also a few more filters, that is good as well. However, it has been quite awhile since the filters were upgraded and expanded. I would love to see some more filters along the lines of what HQP offers. Thanks.

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