Upgrading from Roon Essentials

Hi guys. I have a Elac Discovery which has Roon Essentials built in. It is kind of buggy it doesn’t have all the features I’d like including MQA. I am thinking of buying a Auralic Vega G2.1 and would like to get full Roon. I would like to get a NUC but I am wary for a couple reasons.

  1. From what I read if I install ROCK, it can be the only software ran. I would like the Auralic To be able to view my music files outside of Roon as well So I can use their lightning DS platform.

  2. I own a business and would love to be able to back up a few of my files which would allow me to use this as a write off expense as well LOL.

I know with the second issue I have I cannot use ROCK. Can I install windows on my NUC and install a version of Roon with windows that will also let me back up work files and let me use other softwares for my Streamer?

Sorry about my ignorance.

Yes you can!

Yes, a NUC is a computer and can run Windows no problem.

Just bear in mind Roon’s minimum requirements, including installation of Roon itself on an SSD (i.e. on the C: drive).

Thanks guys… This was the confirmation I needed!