Upgrading music quality

Does Bandcamp offer a better split than Qobuz?

As far as I know it is the same split ?

Intruder was on the list of 30 :joy:

I have been holding off buying albums until I’ve made up my mind on Sublime.

No from when I first looked at it I think Bandcamp take a smaller cut than anyone else.
I think maybe 15% and there was a thread about it a a few years ago and now that is my first port of call each week.

Just did a quick search and found this on the Goog.

Bandcamp’s payment program is simple: the company takes 10 percent of merch sales and 15 percent of downloads. After a seller reaches a $5,000 profit, then the Bandcamp cut drops to 10 percent of digital profit.

This complicated things. Especially as I like buying vinyl, Bandcamp gives me the digital tracks for free.

Ah yes, I started to look at buying vinyl on Bandcamp but the delivery charges were crazy.
But yes I put about 7 or 8 albums back this morning that I wanted.
Need to think things through

For one, hi-res is a hoax and I don’t want to buy into it, literally and figuratively. Then, you do pay extra with the subscription, and you need to buy a certain amount of music to break even. I don’t like commitments either.

Agreed but the subscription is for people that would break even.

It requires 16 albums for me to break even.

I easily buy 100 a year.

To me having high res doesn’t improve the sound (as far as I can tell) but it doesn’t harm anything. If I really despised high res I could just take those files and cut them down to 16/44.

I don’t care so I don’t. Given they are cheaper than CD in this scenario, I fail to see the harm.

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It harms your storage, your network, and it perpetrates a hoax. That’s enough harm for me.

Storage is dirt cheap and my network doesn’t break a sweat.

If you can stream a 4K movie your network won’t even blink with high res.

Each to their own though.

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Yes one of the nice things with Qobuz is you can download a 16/44 version as well as the 24/96 (48 or whatever).
I do this with Qobuz as I feed the 16/44 version into Plex as I don’t give that any of my high resolution files as it if for traveling purpose.

I bought a couple of Jazz albums in 24/192 this morning, not because I needed too, but because I could :grin:
1.4GB and 1.2GB each :roll_eyes: so it’s a good thing storage is cheap like you said

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Streaming Tidal, Qobuz, and Apple Music works for me. There are lots of ways to enjoy this music obsession. My cost is US$250 per year.

Do what works for you.


Jim that is fine, we all find the place we are happy with our music spending.

In a year or so I might not have the money to spend on music I do now. But I have been doing it for 43 years now from when I took on extra paper rounds to buy more albums ad a teenager. I’m hoping I can make a few more years yet hopefully before that happens

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