Upgrading my Antipodes DX2


I’ve been using roon with Antipodes DX2 for a few years.
But I now have a 4TB library, and as Roon has grown up, the DX is not powerfull enough: it sometimes doesn’t start , or the remote doesn’t work.
I love the sound of the DX, but I have to upgrade.
Antipodes Audio suggests to replace it with a K30, but it is $10.000, and the DX is only 4 years old! So that’s not my choice!!!

So what upgrade would you suggest:

  • upgrade the DX2 to DX3 ?
  • replace the DX with…?
  • run core on another server and use DX only for Roon ready? If so, how to connect server to DX? Is it possible to run only Roon ready on the DX?

Thank’s for your advices.

Given your library size you need something powerful enough to do the required job. I’d run the core on that machine and run the DX2 as an endpoint. An obvious choice is a Nucleus+ for the core. I’d contact Antipodes about running the DX2 as an endpoint. One important question is where are your files kept?

The files are actually kept in the DX (internal 4Tb SSD).
The DX linux system is running a 2nd SSD.

If the 4tb drive is the correct format you could just transfer it into the new core. Otherwise you would need to move files onto an alternate drive, format it correctly then move them back.

I think that the Nucleus+ has only 1 RJ45.
So I suppose I have to use a switch to connect the DX to the Nucleus.
Is it a good solution?
Are there some Roon servers with 2 RJ45?

Not running ROCK. Roon have never seen the need to expose a second Ethernet port to DHCP. I use an ‘audiophile’ switch which made a positive difference but it is something you would need to try for yourself.

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