Upgrading to 2.0 today

Going to finally do my upgrade to version 2.0 today which is going to be ( for me anyway a bit complicated).

My mac mini which is my current core on 1.8 legacy is not able to run version 2.0 due to being too old to run Mac OS 10.15 so the plan is to use open core on it to force it to let me upgrade Mac OS to the latest version.

The plan is as follows:

  1. back up mac mini to a bootable usb drive with carbon cloner. Just in case all goes wrong
  2. run open core to wipe mac mini and install latest Mac OS.
  3. install roon core version 2.0 on mac mini
  4. upgrade apps on all iphones an. Ipads

My concerns are the following:

  1. once installed how will the new install of core 2.0 “ know all my database settings, login credentials, favourites etc? Can i take a backup of all this from 1.8 legacy and re-instate in 2.0?

Another option i thought of is before i start do a core 1.8 legacy transfer to my mac book pro and then do the work on the mac mini, once i install roon 2.0 on it will o be able to then set the mac mini as core again bringing the settings etc from the mac book pro back?


Make sure you run a database backup from within Roon to a place that’s secure. USB, NAS, Etc. The. You can restore the database once you’ve upgraded.

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Well you’re probably well down the upgrade path with OpenCore but it does give you the option to keep all your existing files and settings or do a completely fresh install. The recommendation is for a fresh install but the decision is yours. I’ve done an OpenCore legacy update on two Mac’s (Mac mini 2012) and (iMac 2014). If you haven’t done so already I recommend you follow Mr Macintosh’s instructions on UTube. BTW both of my updated Mac’s are successfully running OS Monterey for a couple of weeks now without issue.

Yep done that thanks

Great thanks, i have this morning transfered 1.8 legacy core to my mac book pro so roon will carry on working just as an interim.

I have done a carbon clone bootable backup of the mac mini and checked that it boots.

Now having a bit of a break and this afternoon will do the open core work on the mac mini.

Once this is done i think i will transfer 1.8 legacy. Core back to the mac mini and then do a migration to roon 2.0 as per roons own instructions