Upsample 4x 176.4 or 192? what is the preferred?

which up sample? 4x 44.1 so 176.4 or 192?

For the filters that allow 44.1 to 192 you can go that way and keep output at 192 always. For the filters that don’t allow such conversion and can do only for example 4x etc, the set of available output rates is limited to the possible ones.

so which filters for upping 44.1 to192 and playing native 96 and 192? I have quite a bit of 96 and 192 music. I’m currently using poly sinc short mp ns9 192. Sounds great but i’d like to hear from you.
Also have you written anything for the pi?

Hi Phil,

There is a thread in this part of the board regarding using the Pi as an NAA for HQP (the Pi and Pi2 are underpowered to run HQP itself). Jussi recently released images for the Pi, Pi2, Cubox-i and BeagleBone comprising an optimised OS and the NAA daemon (see under NAA daemon on the Consumer page at Signalyst).

I’ve been using a Pi2 as an NAA and found it a clear improvement over a 5m USB direct connection to my music server (a BRIX). I had noticed some intermittent soft clicks or pops when upsampling to 128DSD. I initially attributed these to cable placement, but having regard to the posts in the above thread I now believe them to arise from the USB/Ethernet implementation in the Pi. Accordingly I have just ordered a BeagleBone Black.

As to filters I like poly-sinc-short-mp and closed or closed-fast. I see that others also like minring. Jussi generally recommends the poly-sinc and poly-sinc-mp families, see here. There is also a thread about preferred filters in this part of the board.

@DonkeyKong – for your reference: