Upsampling with Questyle CMA400i (with HQPlayer or Roon DSP)

Hi there,

i want to upsample my tidal or qobuz content to dsd. First of all, has anyone done that before and is this worth the additional computing power? Second: How is this done? Just DSP->Sample Rate Conversion or is it done in the dac automatically? (I think the Questyle is not able to do that since there are no settings for upsampling). What is a good setting for the SRC?

thx in advance

You can upsample to DSD256 using the Roon dsp settings.
I tested it it for you on my CMA600i wich uses the same dac chips so the result wil be compareble to your dac.

What do you think? Is it worth it? How is the sound quality?

If your Roon core can handle it, its worth it.
Sounds excellent.

It’s not. I have the Core on a Synology right now. So I will have to invest in something like a Intel Nuc to run Roon Rock on it and have enough power for DSP.

I wouldn’t buy any hardware just to be able to upsample to dsd.

Would be interesting to know which settings would be good with HQPlayer to upsample tidal content to DSD256. Any ideas which settings to use in HQPlayer for this specific DAC? I’m new to hqplayer. I have a i7 quad core Windows PC for HQplayer and an NAA running on Raspberry Pi3 (dietpi). The CMA400i is connected to the Pi via USB.