”URL Scheme” for Roon


I would like to open Roon from within Simple Control but I need the ”URL Scheme” for the Roon App. Anybody can help with this information?


(Thomas Rosdahl) #2

Same here. Is this possible?

(Anthony Zotti) #3

Bump. Would be nice to use the URL scheme from within Crestron’s app.

(Jeffrey Skalny) #4

Well, I was about to check the app for the URL to launch the roon app, but the latest iTunes version no longer lets you download an app to your computer :frowning:

It would be nice to hear from a developer if there is a URL to launch the Roon app from another app.


I found a way to download the app file. I can verify that roon:// is the URL to launch the Roon app. It will take a developer to clarify if there are options available to select a zone or perform other actions.

I am able to launch the roon app from Meridian’s IP Control app. I am not sure how to tell the Roon app that it was called by another app and provide a reciprocal link to return to the calling app.

(Danny Dulai) #5


NAME == name of “app” shown on sidebar
URL == url to activate when clicked on item in sidebar to go back
MILLISECONDS == time to go back if idle in roon

(Thomas Rosdahl) #6

@danny any way to activate and browse to a specified album?

(Danny Dulai) #7

no… but tell me a bunch of stuff you want to do, and ill look into doing it all in one shot

(Thomas Rosdahl) #8

@danny It would be cool if you could do something in the line of:

From zone.now_playing extract an album_key and track_key (similar to the image_key)

Use Roon URL scheme to browse or play an asset identified by above key(s), e.g:

roon://play?asset=[album_key or track_key] or

This would allow to embed links (in apps or webpages) to open or play a certain album or track in Roon and might help to spread the usage of Roon and sharing of music.

(Danny Dulai) #9

The keys are unique per install and will not transfer well from 1 roon install to another

(Thomas Rosdahl) #10

Ok I was thinking more in the lines of Tidal. I guess each tidal album/track has a globally unique identifer? Or worst case use album name/track to identify the asset.