”URL Scheme” for Roon

I would like to open Roon from within Simple Control but I need the ”URL Scheme” for the Roon App. Anybody can help with this information?


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Same here. Is this possible?

Bump. Would be nice to use the URL scheme from within Crestron’s app.

Well, I was about to check the app for the URL to launch the roon app, but the latest iTunes version no longer lets you download an app to your computer :frowning:

It would be nice to hear from a developer if there is a URL to launch the Roon app from another app.


I found a way to download the app file. I can verify that roon:// is the URL to launch the Roon app. It will take a developer to clarify if there are options available to select a zone or perform other actions.

I am able to launch the roon app from Meridian’s IP Control app. I am not sure how to tell the Roon app that it was called by another app and provide a reciprocal link to return to the calling app.


NAME == name of “app” shown on sidebar
URL == url to activate when clicked on item in sidebar to go back
MILLISECONDS == time to go back if idle in roon

@danny any way to activate and browse to a specified album?

no… but tell me a bunch of stuff you want to do, and ill look into doing it all in one shot

@danny It would be cool if you could do something in the line of:

From zone.now_playing extract an album_key and track_key (similar to the image_key)

Use Roon URL scheme to browse or play an asset identified by above key(s), e.g:

roon://play?asset=[album_key or track_key] or

This would allow to embed links (in apps or webpages) to open or play a certain album or track in Roon and might help to spread the usage of Roon and sharing of music.

The keys are unique per install and will not transfer well from 1 roon install to another

Ok I was thinking more in the lines of Tidal. I guess each tidal album/track has a globally unique identifer? Or worst case use album name/track to identify the asset.

Any news on this topic @danny? I am interested in exactly the same as @Thomas_Rosdahl.
I would like to offer Tidal/Qobuz tracks via a web/app, but if RoonMobile is installed, I would like to hand playback over to Roon.

Using the roon:// URL scheme would be perfect. Where can I find documentation on what actions are supported via roon:// to the mobile app?

Alternatively there is the Roon API and the JavaScript wrapper, but it seems our customers then would need to install and activate the API extension, which is not an acceptable task for many.

I appreciate any input on this topic!

Hello @Peter_Rullmann,

Thanks for the feedback here. We agree that something similar will be a good idea and have noted your suggestions with the team.

While I can’t promise that this exact type of behavior will be implemented, we are looking into similar functionality in a future Roon release, unfortunately though I cannot comment on a specific timeline of when this will be addressed.

– Noris

Hey Danny,
Wanted to follow up with a question, is there a URL scheme that will let me launch run and set the zone?

For example I have a zone called Sonos Move, and what I would like to do is have a url that if you tap on it opens Roon, and sets the zone to the Sonos Move.