Usable Link When Sharing Between Two Roon Users

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Sonic Transporter i5, Roon 2.7

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Description Of Issue
I am having trouble getting a usable link when I share an album or cut with a fellow Roon user. I’ve tried it both ways you can get a link, and they both wind up just being pictures—not a link.

Can someone give me a step-by-step explanation for how to share an actual link via Roon?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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At present this is not possible, would you like me to move this topic over to the #roon:feature-requests category?

Yes, please. That would be great. Do you know if its going to happen in the near future?

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No idea if it will ever happen let alone scale, sorry.

It would be a great marketing opportunity for Roon’s partners (Tidal, Qobuz). The link could open the track in the recipient’s app, or it could link to a short “preview” of the track at the Tidal/Qobuz websites. Whenever I share a track with a friend, I feel like a putz because it just sends a pic. The 1990’s called; they want their sharing technology back.

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I feel like a putz as well. I’m new to Roon so I had no idea I was sending a picture instead of a link. How difficult could it be to write code that sends a link instead of a pic? And the language Roon uses is “get shareable link”. It’s baffling.

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Do you know you can share a playable link from either Tidal or Qobuz apps?

Roon would only be able to do this same thing if they choose to enable more than the image sharing via Imgur. Local tracks could not be shared for severals reasons.

What do you mean “Local tracks could not be shared for severals reasons.”?

Copyright world be the key reason.

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