USB beta update


When is another update of the beta USB driver in Roon ARC expected?
Is there a quick way to see which beta releases contain a USB update?
My DAC with USB input is a Soulution 330 but it doesn’t work with the USB driver.

The USB interface of the Soulution DAC is from, here USB stereo playback interface - Engineered Electronics

Hoping this high-end USB interface will be supported soon.

Happy days!

The release notes for each build are here and I hope such changes would be mentioned

Bit puzzled why you would be using ARC rather than the standard roon client for non portable equipment. ARC USB is aimed at portable devices.

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Good question!

I have a Grimm Audio MU1 streamer/server (MU1 - Grimm Audio) which has a Roon Core and a seriously good upsampling FPGA. However, it resamples DSD to PCM.

If I connect my tablet with USB to my Soulution DAC, then I can stream native DSD to it using Roon ARC (if the USB driver would work for me). Imho some DSD recordings sound quite a bit different than their PCM versions and I enjoy listening to those.

Hope that helps

I get the usb driver on the tablet but doesn’t it work on the normal roon client too?

There’s no USB output on the MU1. Only AES and spdif.

I meant put the normal roon client on the tablet and try the usb out then.

Exactly. Ignoring ARC, you have always been able to output via the normal Roon Remote app on an apple tablet and then out a USB cable to a DAC. Just make sure you have turned off Private mode for the tablet so that other endpoints can see it and play to it.


Thanks guys, helpful information.

I have an Android tablet (samsung tab s7) which I read does not output to USB without using the OS audio driver AAudio, which in turn always resamples, so no native resolution, bitperfect transfer to USB.

Whence, when I read that ARC has its proprietary USB driver to circumvent the android limitations for USB audio, and thus providing bitperfect transfer and supporting DSD, I was under the impression it would only work as I want with ARC.

Am I mistaken?