USB connected drive - files direct copy to internal SSD

have a ROCK(NUC) with internal SSD and an external HDD connected to the NUC via USB. Is there a way to copy the files directly (from within ROCK) between those 2? I mean not via network?

There is not. The best way would be to move the external HDD to another computer and then copy from it to the ROCK NUC.

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Thanks, I was wondering if there is a command line somehow accessible, such as ROCK is Linux by the end of the day…

It is designed to be an appliance, not to be fiddled with! It isn’t a Linux distribution, just custom compiled with what is needed.

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No command line access, no SSH. ROCK is locked down.

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You can try to boot your NUC using a Linux OS on an USB stick, and then copy the files. This will not involve file transfer via network.

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Also need to clarify that when you say “Internal SSD” you mean a 2.5" SATA SSD, not the M.2 that ROCK is installed on. You cannot put music files on the OS drive.

Yes this is correct. I mean the 2.5 SATA SSD, not the M.2 drive, OS is installed on…

Yes this is certainly an option though a bit cumbersome and probably not worth the additional effort in preparing the Linux boot drive…