USB from Nucleus to Yamaha CD player

Hello, somewhat new to Roon and it’s functionality. My current setup is Tidal through Nucleus to a Node2i then coax to a Yamaha CD-S2100.

I have a (hopefully) simple question: can I run USB out of Nucleus straight to my Yamaha without doing any extra software installs?

Yamaha says Steinberg should be installed on an attached CPU for full functionality but I’m figuring that’s not necessary for my setup. I just want to confirm compatibility before I invest in a decent USB cable.

I appreciate any insight.
Thank you

If that yamaha cd player supports usb audio without drivers, it should work fine.

Before investing any $ into this, I’d just try it out using any old USB cable; it won’t have an impact on the test.

I had the same CD player and it didn’t work. On multiple streamers. I have posted about this in the past if you search.

very helpful paul. thanks. i read back over your posts on the subject and it was mentioned that the Linux in the SOtM interacting with the Yamaha was the possible source of the pops you mentioned. i’m wondering if the OS in the Nucleus will have the same issue? i will be testing this as soon as i can find a usb a-b cable

btw i just heard a Qutest for the 1st time a couple days ago. very impressed with the detail it brought out as well as it’s feel and look

I since upgraded to a Hugo TT2 :grin:

! by all accounts it sounds even better despite chord saying it has an identical dac circuit. i’m sure it sounds great

i should preface by say i’m trying to help my dad set this up remotely. it’s a system i help him put together. i voted against the yamaha but i was overridden. so when he plugged the nucleus directly to the yamaha no sound came out at all. does the nucleus have to be told to send sound out of it’s usb somehow?

can yamahas driver be installed on the nucleus somehow?

so from further reading it seems as though getting from nucleus to yamaha via usb is complicated and maybe not worth the trouble. is there a usb-coax converter that will plug and play from nucleus that is recommended? seems like a good way to bypass the need for yamaha compatible software