USB plugged into Lumin Streamer

Fist post and new to Roon. I have a usb stick plugged directly into my Roon Ready Streamer but I’m not seeing music show up in the Roon App. Is there something in the setup to detect the USB stick on my Streamer? The Streamer itself was immediately picked up by Roon. I was using the Lumin App prior and it automatically picks up the USB drive in the device. I’ve done some searches on the community and didn’t see anything to help.


Roon cannot see music on USB stick plugged into Lumin hardware.

Please plug that USB stick into the Roon Core computer instead, and add the path of the USB stick in Roon accordingly.

If your Roon Core computer is not ROCK, you can install MinimServer on the same computer. This way both Roon and Lumin app will be able to access the music on the USB stick.

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Thanks for the reply. I would think it would be trivial to allow this so I don’t have to have my laptop running with a USB stick in it in order to stream it over my network back to the player if there’s a USB port directly on the device. In windows it immediately detects the device as a media server and I can use Media Player to stream to my PC from the device itself. Would be nice to just allow the ability to share the folder on the USB drive so Roon could pick it up.


Without the laptop on you can’t stream from Roon. Roon is a server / endpoint system. All music goes through the core machine so it makes no sense to have anything on the endpoint to go back to core and back to the endpoint.

You can see it in windows media player as it’s UPnP , Roon is not UPnP. Unless Lumin can share the device as a SMB share over the network then Roon won’t see it.

Thanks…I understand the Core/Endpoint setup but was just a bit surprised that the Lumin App could identify the USB but the Roon App cannot. Seems pointless to have a direct attached USB to the Source device and not be able to use it through Roon. You’re just adding another hop in the network to plug into a PC so that your ipad “remote” can play from the PC to the roon device…vs direct. Just an observation as I’ve been working through the setup/features. Appreciate the help though.

You are not adding another hop. The roon core running on your laptop has to read the USB drive to send the music to your Roon endpoint. If the USB was plugged into the Lumin itself, the Roon core would have to connect to the endpoint, read the music files off the USB, then return that data back to the roon core (one hop) and then the roon core would supply the digital audio (as PCM) back to the roon endpoint. In summary, the approach you were hoping to use would have created an extra data hop.

That’s because Lumin supports UPnP media server but not SMB. Roon Core supports SMB but not UPnP.

That is incorrect. As explained by others, in Roon, music data is always sent from Roon Core. Even if Lumin were to support SMB (it does not), music data needs to go from Lumin to Roon Core then back to Lumin.

Thanks Peter - this explains it. I was going to comment that using the Lumin app, there is no hop as it’s pulling direct from the USB on the Streamer…So your explanation makes perfect sense. I had originally thought of the Roon “Core” as an aggregator where it would “Identify” where all the music was located but play from that source location on my network vs. having to go through the Core.

Thanks for all the help.

There are many factors driving this architecture.
One is that Roon can play any music on any device without concern for the format or sample rate.
Not all DACs can play DSD or 192k, for example.
The products that just ship a file from storage to the endpoint cannot guarantee that.

Plus room correction, volume leveling…