Usbridge Roon ready

Goodmorning, This is my issue:

  1. I install Roon on my PC W 10 64BIT;
  2. I have Usbridge that it works fine from PC and also from my self phone.
    DSD ok PCM ok all staff goes ok.

Now, there is a possibility to use Roon without keep Desktop on?
Has i use LMS I just use PC for configure it than in remote with pc off I still che brose my nas library and put in play my music with Usbridge to my dac,

How can I do the same with Roon?

Thanks in advance.

Roon needs to run on its Core engine. The USBridge is an end point to deliver the music.
This is if I have understood your question correctly.

So you mean that the core must be Always on?
let me split my setup, maybe for a better understand:

  1. Desktop win 10 64 bit with roon installed;
  2. NAS as music library;
  3. Usbridge has end point
  4. smartphone with roon app as remote control

so as i understad roon in remote cannot work with core “desktop” off?
I tried but with desktop off the app on smartphone is Always loading.


The Roon Core is the music server. The Roon Core must be running or there is nothing to control with a Roon Remote. The end points are rendered useless without the Roon Core running.

You need to look in the Knowlege Base for Roon architecture. There is a link on the top of this site home page. It’s well worth a read to get your head around things.

Ok, so my issue is not a issue is just how roon works.

I bought usbridge for remove pc with Jriver from audio setup in order to remove pc from hifi system, and i obtain it using LMS.
I was trying to do the same with roon but this means to put pc back to the hifi system!!

Has i understood Roon is not my solution.


I kindly ask to @support to give me help on this.
In order to understand if Roon must work Always with core on?

Thanks in advance

Roon is based around a server (Core) that must be on when in use, some devices (other computers, tablets, phones, etc) which can run a client that can control the server, and endpoints to which the server streams the music.

When a control device selects a track to play, the track is streamed first from storage to the server for processing, then streamed to the endpoint. So, the computer which is running the server software must be on during playback.

As another poster mentioned above, please review the Knowledge Base for Roon Architecture. I have included it below:

If you still have questions after reviewing the above information, including how I use Roon, I would be happy to answer them.

Depending upon what NAS you have, you might be able to run Roon Core on it rather than on your PC. Which NAS are you running?

When you were running LMS, where was it running if not on your PC? Like Roon Core, LMS must be running somewhere to stream music from it so I suspect it was running on your NAS.

But I agree with others - check the knowledge base and seek others than may have the same NAS to see if it is possible to run Roon Core on it.

Nas is a WD Western Digital the 3 TB,
LMS is installed but only for config puorpose than with pc off i can use usbridge as end point and also as music server using the net for library Always stored in the NAS WD