USBridge Signature - Rotel RC1590 - DSD256 - Static / Hiss

I have been trying to troubleshoot my issues with regards to DSD playback on a Rotel RC1590 and come to a point where I am about to throw the towel in and just play it over DoP.

My current setup is an i7nuc with a USBridge Signature connected to the RC1590 preamp. I am trying to pull music this way:

Synology NAS - ethernet - AX88U - wifi over AIMesh - AX12000U - ethernet to i7Nuc & USBridge Signature

USBridge Signature is running Ropieee XL

Running it via DoP works fine. But when try DSD256 format I can hear faint music but mainly static/hiss.

Can anyone see an issue with my current setup as I have tried for half a day to try and sort this out with no luck and I have not progressed at all?


Well I think I have found the issue after a little bit of googling. Apparently will only support up to DSD128. I am sure I read somewhere where it support up to DSD256 Obviously I was wrong.

Its manual states DSD128.

Thanks wklie. I actually found it in an online manual. I got confused with regards to 768khz and thought is was DSD up to that. I was way off. Thanks for chasing it up.

I found a DSD128 test file and it works a charm.

By the way, I have a Rotel RC1590 too and I play DSD128 native (not DoP) with USBBridge (non Signature) with Allo image and RoonBridge and/or NAA. Also with NAA on a UP Gateway device.