Use ARC thru Android phone and Bluetooth in car?

Can you use Roon ARC through an Android phone and Bluetooth in my car?

Yes, it will work through Bluetooth (assuming Bluetooth works fine in your auto) but Android Auto is not (yet?) available. My Pixel 6 usually works fine in my 2022 Ford. But do note a thread in which a number of users with Android phones (including me) have had ARC fail while connected requiring a reboot of the core - usually not possible when using ARC away from the core.

Thanks, Stan. I’d guess many Roon subscribers would like to use Roon to listen to music in their car. So I suppose we’ll wait until (and if) Roon makes this possible with Android Auto (which my car has), assuming Android Auto is necessary.

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No, it will works fine with Bluetooth.

I drive a 13 year old Toyota 4Runner. I use a Pixel 6 and Bluetooth Audio. Roon ARC works perfectly for me. No such thing as Android Auto in my elderly truck.

In the US, it’s illegal in many states to pick up a cell phone while driving.

Completely illegal in Ontario, Canada. Must use hands free.

Not long…

Like this in many more countries now, some might even deem it a revenue generating law, but its not something you should be doing regardless while driving IMHO.

I’m sure it’s a cost avoidance law. The cost in dollars and lives involved in the car crashes it prevents.

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I use my iPhone to connect to my car’s radio through Bluetooth. And I put on a playlist before starting to drive. There are hefty fines here in the Netherlands when driving while using your phone. You can’t even hold it in your hand while driving.

For good reason why our government has decided to forbid it.

Yeah. I have seen a lot of folks driving all over the place. From lane to lane, while looking down on their phone. Because that Whatsapp message was so important that it couldn’t wait.

actually if wear an Airpod (apple users) only need one it it will read any WA or other messages that come in - handy if you must have immediate notice of texts