Use Monitor and Wireless Mouse to Control Roon

I currently use a 20" monitor and wireless mouse to play music using JRiver. I’d like to use Roon instead but it does NOT work because the font size is much too small to see from my listening position 10ft. away!

What size PC Monitor is required to properly see the Roon UI without font-size and scaling issues at a distance of 10ft. - 12ft? I hope a 30" monitor will work.

Are you using JShiver’s Theater view? Roon doesn’t have that, but IIRC it is in the works.

No, I am not. I am new to Roon. I am under the impression that I can use whatever “standard view or views” that Roon provides but that I need a larger monitor to see the properly rendered view from a 10ft. -12ft. distance.