Use of Display Areas

This is based on a support conversation with @mike. It does not belong in Support but here in Feature Requests.

It seems to me that Roon has two display areas, stacked vertically.
The smaller lower display areas is used consistently for playback: moving through a track list, displaying the current track info and progress and the selected audio path.
The larger upper display area is used to browse and select what is to be played, Often this means that the upper area is an album or playlist showing the tracks played and to be played. That makes some sense, through it is a shame that so little is shown of the playlist view.
It makes less sense when doing a random play or Radio play. In this case the user is not playing a playlist they created or an album they selected. What is being played is a selection made by Roon and that is where the whole possibility of discovery happens. So show the album view so that the listener can see what was selected, s/he can decide to drill down for more of the artist or album etc. Otherwise what you have is a large display area displaying static information that has no relevance to what is being played and no context for the listener. Give the user the context that will encourage digression or, at the least, learning more about the album and artists.


Agreed. Iā€™d also like to see similar albums listed when an album is playing or being browsed. Not sure why its been omitted?


An excellent enhancement idea.