Use of Classical reviews in metadata?

I have quite a lot of SACDs that I’ve ripped and I often used as a review and recommendation source. The site is now defunct, but the content was moved to, including the review archives, which continue for current releases. It would be fantastic if the Roon guys could incorporate the reviews on into the Classical metadata when a relevant DSD download or SACD is detected.

It’s an invaluable source for choosing DSD content in my book, and they have several excellent pro reviewers who really know their stuff. I’ve noticed quite a lot of my rips/downloads have no review attached, yet often has a readymade review we could benefit from via Roon’s metadata. Please give it some thought guys.


It’s a good idea… would love to see this as well as Gramophone and Fanfare.

Classical metadata all around is very poor in Roon.

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