Use of Roon with Oppo Sonica DAC

I just installed the Sonica and the driver is listed as Wasapi. Will Wasapi work with DSD upsampling, or does the driver have to be ASIO.
Does Roon have an ASIO driver for this, or must the driver come from the manufacturer. This is a windows installation.

Does anyone else have experience using the Oppo Sonica with Roon. If so, what settings do you use for DSD upsampling as well as use with HQ Player?

I get my sonica DAC today I hope…been out for demos. I’m using mine with ASIO driver and it’s on my core.

An update… well I can get the Sonica to run under DSP upsample to DSD512 Native ASIO but only at 0.8X where as I get 1.4X at DSD256 so it drops the ball after a few seconds.

So I am going to be heading to GeekTown Sim Lim Square tomorrow for an i7-7700 to upgrade the core and see if I can get to that magical of states 1.3X for DSD512 in Roon - I don’t have HQP nor do I really want another Windoze box in the house.

Incase you are ever in Singapore and need geek stuff this is our one stop geek mall

A most basic Roon/Oppo Sonic DAC related question:

I stream Tidal through a Modwright modded Oppo Sonica DAC with External Power Supply and recently ripped my CD collection to FLAC on a WD MyCloud Personal NAS.

I would like to integrate Roon into my system, but Oppo Sonica does not support Roon.

Fidelizer tells me their Nimitra will allow me to access my Tidal and NAS libraries through Roon. Does anyone have experience with this specific hardware, or perhaps alternatives which will render my Oppo Sonica DAC Roon-compatible.

Maybe take a look at the Small Computer ultrarendu as an endpoint then USB to Sonica.

I have this combo and it works flawlessly with superb sounding results.

I do now have the Sonica on a USB connection from a Rasperry Pi with Ropieee installed connected LAN (100Mbit) and can push it at DSD512 with no issues at all. Core is either Windows10-64bit i7-7700 fanless or NUC7i7BNH ROCK in a fanless case.

It all just works…very happy.

I ended up with a Fidelizer Nimitra as my Core. Works flawlessly with great sound (also have the Nokia external LPS). Prob more costly than Raspberry or NUC route, but my technical skills are basically limited to red to red and black to blac, so I needed a turnkey approach. Also would have need to purchase a Mac or PC for my home (I shlep my office laptop home when I need it), so $$ probably evens out.

Thanks for your input. Very happy with Roon. Opens a world of music via Tidal.

Hello! Anybody knows when OPPO will upgrade the firmware of Sonica DAC for Roon ready? No one update since 2017…

Don’t get your hopes up. All oppo hifi and AV products are end of production and thus are unlikely bar the BDP/UDP players to get any attention at all.

That’s close to impossible. It just does not have the processing power for it, even if Oppo did not shut down this part of their business.

The UHD players have much more powerful processors and are not comparable.

I can confirm what Peter said. When I asked Oppo about incorporating MQA decoding in the Sonica DAC, they said it didn’t have enough processing power. While I thought it was odd that they would spec such an expensive product so stingily, it is what it is. Its a shame Oppo didn’t put as much thought into a growing product segment (DACs, headphones) rather than a dying segment (physical disc players). Maybe thats why they had to fold the business.

It is the cheapest ES9038PRO DAC that I can find from a well known brand, excluding DIY products. (Do not confuse it with the significantly cheaper lower class ES9038Q2M mobile chip another popular $399 DAC here uses).

I still use my Sonica in my Roon chain. I use an Ultrarendu as an end point and that feeds the Sonia.

I blew up the output stage in mine with a 240VAC short to ground on my Coleman XLR 4in/3out switcher…costly mistake that also took out the outputs of a Soekris R2R DAM1021 and an Emotiva DC-1 - as luck would have it the OPPO HA-1 was at a friends or it might have also suffered the same fate. My XMC-1 processor was thankfully spared even tho it was connected.

The Sonica DAC lives to fight again after some SMD OPAMP’s replacements that were pretty challenging. I really like this swiss army knife of a DAC, but I don’t use the LAN connection - tho I could for Spotify or Tidal with the Sonica APP.

It will be part of OPPO’s history in the HIFI sector…and I hope my BDP-105 stays alive too.