Use of Work, Part and Title for Album?

Description of the issue

I’m doing some experimentation with the Work and Part tags. I’ve added them to an album in my library and they populate correctly as shown in the screenshot. The problem is that now Roon now longer shows the track title. How can I have Roon show all three? Titles under Parts and then Parts under Work?

Hey @Paul_Penaloza,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question regarding tagging of Classical works.

You can find the details you need in this article from our Help Center! Please take a look:

This article didn’t answer my question. It made no mention of how Title is used when the Work and Part tags are used. I was able to get the behavior I was looking for by using Mp3Tag. I had it duplicate the Title into the Part field.

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Hey @Paul_Penaloza. Sorry for missing this question initially. All three won’t appear When playing a track, the track name will always appear in the “Now Playing” display

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