Use PCM upsampling on Roon core with with Meridian endpoints?

I’m about to go experiment with this using my 818v3 but I’m wondering whether it even makes sense. Does anyone have experiences to share using upsampling and various filters? Given that Roon’s PCM upsampling implements apodising filters and Meridian DACs do too, do dueling apodising filters improve things?

If you up-sample in Roon, you won’t get any up-sampling in the 818v3.

Because I need room correction, I’m currently running non-bit-perfect, so that’s given me the opportunity to try out all kinds of things. I’m currently running with Roon’s smooth linear phase filter to 4x rates into the 818v3’s USB input (via Dirac!). Sounds pretty good! I think you just need to try it out.

Although this wasn’t on a Meridian system, I heard a marked difference on a friend’s system between Roon’s linear and minimum phase filters (can’t remember if either or both were smooth) into a Holo Spring DAC (at 8x rate) and Sonus Faber loudspeakers. The test track was Hendrix’s Little Wing and the sharpness of the bells with the linear phase filter was both obvious and preferable to both of us.

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I have an 818v3 with DSP8000SE speakers. I have tried Roon upsampling to 96k over network, and 192k over USB. Meridian’s Speakerlink is limited to 96k, I believe, but I drive my headphone amp over analog out so I get the full 192.

But in no cases do I notice an improvement over Meridian’s own processing.

With the speakers, the whole thing is a unified system: the 818 upsamples to 88 or 96, and the DACs in the speakers upsample to 752/768.

With the analog headphone output I could do some more systematic testing. Or I could just enjoy it as is…

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Good point. Roon matches the highest sampling rate of the DAC.