Use XLR and RCA Outputs On Mini Pro 3

I’m considering using my Mini Pro 3 as a pre-amp with some type of power amp with tubes to see how that sounds with my speakers. I want to continue using a subwoofer, so I would need to connect the Mini’s XLR outputs to the power amp and use the Mini’s RCA outputs to connect to my subwoofer.

The Matrix web site doesn’t say anything about using both outputs at the same time. I would appreciate your input to let know if anyone has tried that or if it would even work?


Alan I had been thinking about something similar myself and it was the subwoofer issues that put me off looking further.

I have used the RCA outs to try feeding my Sonos and Bluesound PowerNode, but they both have subwoofer management built-in.

I will follow how you get on with this as it had never occurred to me to do what you are trying to do.


I found a reference, that both outputs XLR and RCA should work simultaneously in the Matrix Audio Community Forum: Matrix Audio Community - English Discussion

Rick, both, my mini-i Pro 3 and X-SABRE 3 output simultaneously from XLR and RCA outs. There is no setting in the mini-i Pro 3 nor in the X-SABRE 3 to chose between RCA and XLR as both outputs are active all the time. Meaning something is wrong with your unit.