User Diagnosis of "Bad Tracks"

A failed importing of music files is a fairly common occurrence; I had one myself. The user has no tools to diagnose the problem, let alone fix it. And the process of finding and fixing the faulty track(s) takes 24+ hours, longer on weekends.

So, consider giving users a way to fix or work around this problem without requiring Roon support.

My thought was to have an internal counter that detects “lack of progress” as Roon might define it. Then, pop up a message box giving the user an option to continue, or to tell the user what the last unsuccessful file was.

Want to get fancy? Give user the further option of “sidetracking” the offending tracks and continuing the import process.

Anything that can be done to grease the skids would be a plus, IMO. This can be frustrating; feels kinda like buying the wrong batteries for Christmas gifts.

PS: my suggestion is only the idea, not necessarily the specific solution. There are lots of ways to accomplish this.