USER ERROR (edit): Roon Core was updated and RopieeeXL disappeared

EDIT: My DAC was not powered on, so the RopieeeXL did not “see” anything in the USB port and thus it did now register in Roon Audio menu.

Hello, I updated my Roon Core yesterday and my RopieeeXL was unpowered at that time due to some re-cabling. I powered it on today and now my core cannot see it anymore. I can see the AirPlay service provided by RopieeeXL in the Audio menu, but RopieeeXL USB connection to my DAC in gone.

The Node 2i is visible in the RoonReady part of the Audio setting.

Can you send feedback?

Just noticed the Feedback button. Here you go: 4e7db1649277b2a4

I enabled the beta channel and RopieeeXL installed the newest beta code and that did not help either. I Sent feedback from the beta also: d38a05a4a5c8fa1e

This is just my luck. :smiley: My trial for Roon ended yesterday and I decided to pay the subscription and I had tested RopieeeXL with my internal DAC on the Musical Fidelity. I bought a Topping D90 DAC yesterday to be used with Roon and RopieeeXL and now that I have paid all the upgrades everything stops working. :joy: It work flawlessly before I purchased anything.

I hope this is just s glitch that gets fixed asap, then I will donate to Ropieee also :). It seems to be awesome solution - the airplay works like a charm and Roon did also, until the update.

Does this have something to do with the announcement that uncertified endpoints cease working on the Sept 21?

My bad… my amp was not powered, so the USB did not “see” the DAC. I powered my amp on and the Roon Bridge appeared right away. I feel stupid now. :smiley:

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