User friendly log of events

Roon system logs are for Roon debugging, I am not suggesting a change to that. This feature request is for a new User formatted log for personal research and debugging. Things to log:

  • Roon startup time, Roon shutdown time
  • results of ingest
  • results of Tidal/Qobuz sync
  • notification of song not found in streaming service (song skipped)
  • notification of network slow down (song skipped or otherwise)
  • notification of adding an album taking more than 10 seconds, or better notification of every album added and how long they took to add
  • perhaps an hourly snapshot of memory used or other system data points (summary)

Maybe people have other suggestions.

I would like to up my case for a Log or even accessible dialog box that has high level User oriented events. In particular, I would like to know what Playlist I am playing from (if I have since navigated around a lot, I can’t use the Back button).

Maybe every Playback gets logged, Played Album XYZ at 11:15. Maybe at the top of the screen you could filter to include or exclude system generated ones vs. User actions.

As users, we don’t get enough information back from Roon (see list above).


My Roon core was closed again today. M1 Mac Mini. Happens a few times a week. So i either have to go to the machine or Screen Share into it, and restart Roon. Kills the experience.

Does anyone else wan t a simple end user focused log panel? If so, please vote here.

Another function could be to log any Tidal or Qobuz song not found. THen you could go back later and address those issues.

With the new focus on Support, I think this feature request deserves some consideration. The log files are impenetrable unless you are a CompSci whiz. Why not a simple language log for users that shows events happening. Track played, network congestion, Tidal not responding, Startup complete (162 seconds), album added.

This information can help a user understand what is going on with their often complex environments.

Thank you for considering a VOTE for this topic!