User interface and TIDAL improvements

I have been using Roon for almost a year now. Overall I am quite happy with it. It’s so nice to have a high-quality music server that works with so many different kinds of hardware. I am coming from SONOS, so this is major improvement. However, I feel Roon’s user experience is not as polished as what I became used to:

  • Often the iOS app “Lost Connection!”, it won’t not reconnect to my Roon server. Only a hard kill and relaunch helps. Pretty annoying, especially when I you just want to pause the music quickly.

  • I don’t understand why the main menu on the phone is different from the desktop. IMHO options like Artist and Albums should not be buried under a “More…” menu. And shouldn’t there be a Recent menu on the desktop? By the way it would be nice if the main menu could be pinned (desktop version).

  • Unfortunately, the iOS app does not feel that native, compared to the Apple Music, TIDAL and SONOS apps. Navigation buttons are small (or maybe my fingers are too thick :wink: and it would be nice if there was support for swipe-to-back and the hardware volume controls.

  • To me the TIDAL integration remains confusing. Some of my TIDAL albums do not appear under TIDAL > Your Favorites, while they are listed under Library > Albums. An vice versa. Also, when I add (favorite?) a TIDAL album in Roon, it does not appear as favorite in the native TIDAL app, which it annoying when I want to listen to that particular album in the car.

  • I would love to have an easy way to filter various views (artists, albums, genres, search results, etc) for either:
    a) my own music files
    b) my own music files and my TIDAL favorites
    c) my TIDAL favorites
    d) only all TIDAL