Using 7” RPi display

I bought the pi 7" touch display and use with pi4 and RoPieee.
It can show the now playing. What else can I do with the display? I thought it is similar to the user interface of Squeezebox Touch but it seems only the “Now Playing” is available.

Is there any user guide for RoPieee + Touch display? Thanks

There are onscreen controls for play/pause/forward/back, volume if appropriate I believe, repeat and shuffle… there are a few additional options if you press the bottom right corner (like adjusting the clock and so on). I don’t think Harry has any specific documentation on

What are you looking for, in terms of functionality?

Thanks! I dont know there is a setting page. Just notice that (on right bottom corner)

I hope it can do like what SB Touch does:

  1. Click on the album photo to switch to different views (full screen of album photo, VU meter, etc)
  2. Swipe on screen shows song list in queue

The RoPieee display does not have this functionality. I would suggest using a tablet to run the Roon app.

yes, thanks.