Using a Beelink U59 Para for ROCK

Hello, I intend to build a Roon Core with ROCK.

Would the Beelink U59 be suitable? See specs on the link:

Is there another option at the same price without a cooler?

No that’s not suitable as it has a celeron processor. Nothing is suitable at that price unless you buy second hand.

Thanks @ged_hickman1

And is this one suitable?

Anything other than a genuine Intel NUC might work but then again it might not.
A ROCK installed on other hardware has become known as a MOCK.
Here is a thread where people have shared equipment they have tried installing on

Try and find a used intel nuc of one of the models from the Roon supported list, at least in the UK there is a steady supply on eBay.

You should be able to find an i3 at the sort of price you were looking at.

It needs to be one of the listed intel models or it is not supported. Rock only contains drivers for the specified intel hardware.

If you want to use the hardware then liad linux or windows and then roonserver.