Using a NUC with remote storage

Hi everyone,
I have my music stored on a QNAP NAS with the Roon core on an external SSD plugged into it by USB because the NAS doesn’t have any SSDs. At the moment it is behind my music/AV system and works perfectly with the remote on my iPad. It is plugged in, via usb b, to my Cambridge Audio combined dac/preamp/streamer and works superbly. However, as the NAS has spinning disks the resulting noise isn’t ideal for having next to my music system so I want to move it to another room next to my desktop Mac. I will then have to send the music from the NAS over the Ethernet (all the various devices are plugged into the network.)

I have an Intel NUC with the appropriate specs for using ROCK. I fancy Rock in general anyway but also as I want to play 5.1 recorded music from my library.

So will the installation of Rock on the NUC allow me on its own to get what I’m after or should I install Roon bridge instead of or as well as Rock on the NUC? ( The NUC would have to be plugged into the AVR when it comes to 5.1 because the Cambridge Audio is only 2 channel, so I’m thinking HDMI into the AVR for 5.1 and usb to the CA so I can still use the superior DAC of the CA for stereo music.)

Any advice much appreciated.


Yes, with NUC/Rock HDMI out to your AVR it will play multi-channel music files and usb out to your dac for stereo.

I have that setup.

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Thanks for that Mike. How about getting the files from the NAS in the other room?Will that happen over the home network (by Ethernet in my case)?

Yes. So long as the NAS has a network share (which it does) you can point the NUC to it via your ethernet. Best to keep the NAS out of your listening room to reduce the noise.

Ah, thank you, this is what I hoped. I’ll give it try once I get the NUC set up and Rock installed on it. Is that all I would need for this remote storage solution or would Roon bridge be the best solution for this, on the NUC alongside/inside Rock? Sorry for being a novice with this Roon stuff but I’m learning!

That’s all you need. Stick the NAS somewhere else on your network (mine is in the cellar) and you can pop the NUC behind your AV system plugged in via USB to the CA streamer.

Alternatively if your Cambridge Audio streamer is Roon Ready (I don’t know which model you have) then you can also site the NUC elsewhere and just plug the streamer in to your network directly.

Cool! My CA 851N just happened to do a recent firmware upgrade and is now Roon Ready.

Just had problems setting up the NUC, configuration screen telling me there was no boot drive even after installing most recent BIOS version file. Contacted Intel and they suggested reinstalling the hard drive. Otherwise a replacement NUC or drive will be necessary.

I’ll report back any further developments. Thanks very much.

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What model NUC?

Hi Henry,

NUC8i3BEH3. After doing BIOS update/boot for first time, as per Roon instructions, the update to the latest version was registered as successful on the screen but when I then went into the boot section I got “A bootable device has not been detected”. The irony is I only then became aware that the original BIOS version was already way above the minimum that Roon recommended and maybe the updating process caused the problem?

On the phone to Intel support who told me to reinstall SSD which I did many times with no progress. Didn’t have another SSD to try or another device to try this one in so don’t know if it’s a faulty (brand new) card or not. He then, by email, suggested a CMOS reset which involved a nervy fiddling with a piece of hardware in the box (just as well he suggested this in writing.) This made things worse, can’t even get to the configuration screen at all, am getting “media test failure, check cable” and another worrying sounding announcement so I’ve given up and emailed intel support back .



Did you switch the boot method to legacy mode yet?

Yes, but no bootable device/drive shown there.

I’ll see what Intel come back with today but I’m seriously considering returning the box and two cards (Amazon) and just splashing out on the Nucleus.

Download the latest version and update the BIOS back. Do not keep it on the older version.

Just to update, I gave up on the Intel NUC and have returned it for a refund. I’ve bought a Nucleus but am having a database backup problem with that, see new topic I’ve just created!