Using a QNAP NAS (TBS-464) as a Roon endpoint?

I know that the server is available to run on a suitable spec QNAP NAS, and being fairly new I assume that the TBS-464 ( would qualify, but is it possible to use a QNAP NAS as an endpoint? This would only be for my holiday home where it plays into a soundbar (it’s good enough for casual listening, I use headphones most of the time) so exposing the NAS to Roon as an Airplay or Chromecast destination would give me a high enough quality stream given the speaker limitation.

I currently run my core on my desktop PC with my local music stored on that PC’s hard drive (SSD) and have no reason to change that, it works very well for me, but if for some reason I had to move my core and music onto the NAS to get the endpoint functionality that wouldn’t be a big deal for me.

The background in case anyone cares is that I currently use Roon Bridge on a Pi to drive the soundbar via its HDMI input (as I said, super high quality isn’t really needed here) and my Pi also acts as a NAS for the rest of my network primarily as one of my backup destinations for my main PC. I would like to move to a more robust NAS and since I value elegant simplicity and reduced clutter if I go ahead with the NAS upgrade I would prefer to be able to decommission my Pi entirely rather than leave it there only to provide the Roon endpoint for the soundbar.

And in case anyone is wondering my maybe slightly unusual choice of NAS is because I want to be able to carry it between my main home and my holiday home in my hand luggage when I travel between them so the compact size is the compelling feature of the TBS-464 in my case (I am not particularly price sensitive so the cost isn’t really an issue).

I’m using sometimes in my home office the QNAP 670-Pro as an endpoint through hdmi (also for multichannel).
You’ve to install the Roon package and choose the right HDMI out and then it works without any problems as alsa device.
Takle care, that alsa is running: /etc/init.d/ start (alsa is part of the bluetooth package).
But the TBS-464 can handle this in another way, because it’s a different hardware and also it uses a newer OS.

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Thank you. I have since also found a few things on the QNAP site that make it look pretty easy although if I do have issues I suspect your tip re alsa might well end up saving me some research time when I come to do the setup.

I found this on the QNAP site (Create the Ultimate Home Audio System with QNAP and Roon | QNAP Blog) where it says, after it has explained how to install the core on the NAS…

… simply install the Roon App on your phone. When you start up the app it will search for a Roon core in your network. … Once you connect to the core you can now browse all of your content with Roon and even play it either from audio output connected to the NAS or from your phone.

So yeah, all quite easy and elegant by the sound of it. I think I will go ahead with my plan and will move my Roon Core to the NAS. I’ll actually still keep the master copies of my downloaded music on the data drive of my PC because everything on that drive is backed up to multiple online backup services and also to various local backup destinations on my local network. For performance reasons I’ll then maintain a shadow copy of my music files on the NAS. The minor hasle is that when I buy new music I would need to not only save it in the right place on my desktop PC but also copy it to the shadow folder on the NAS. I don’t buy new music that often though and it’s hardly a big deal to do a few file copies every other month so that’s no big deal. (And no, I won’t be installing and software to sync folders, my “no clutter’ attitude to hardware extends to software as well; I try to install as little as possible, elegant simplicity is one of my guiding principles.

Anyway, thanks again for the quick reply. Hearing a real life instance of it working as I want is most reassuring.