Using Android Mobile

I am new to roon so would like some advice.

Currently have roon on Trial and have it loaded on my PC which works fine i can play Music and also play through my network streamer Auralic Aries by selecting it as one of the Zones.

What i would like to do is use the roon app on my Android phone and control the Auralic Aries without having the PC powered on but i am guessing this is not possible due to Auralic Aries Streamer not able to select as Core?
So just to clarify the only way to use my Android Mobile roon app to control my Auralic Aries is to have PC Powered on with roon software active?


Roon is a server/endpoint/control setup. In your case Server(PC)/Endpoint(Aries)/Control(Android).
You need to have the server running for anything to happen since it is doing the work.

The server portion requires the computing power of a full PC (Windows, Mac or Linux).

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