Using Arc as a download station on local network only

Hi everyone.

I’m using a QNAP NAS as my Roon core, which I now know are continuously targeted by ransomware attacks. Needs to say, I want to avoid my NAS from using UPnP, forwarding ports, etc., to the outside work.
I am wondering how can I setup Arc to download music to my iPhone on my local network only to listen when I’m out.
Thanks in advance.

Will Roon ARC work on your local network if you don’t do the port forwarding for cellular use? It should, but I don’t remember.


Turn off UPnP on your router. Not put in any port forwarding rules. Read your entire router manual.

The QNAP can’t do anything without help from the router which is your first / only line of defense anyway. Do note, if you allow outbound connections fro QNAP to internet then you’re allowing traffic to come back as well. Many apps on your QNAP will do this. QNAP has docs on this.

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It’s not working at all. I wonder if I have to change my settings in my my QNAP and my router (a Deco X60)

When outside of your network you will need to ensure ARC is in offline mode otherwise ARC will require a connection to the core which it won’t get if your not port forwarding.

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It definitely works in such configuration.

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You don’t even need to do that. ARC detects whether it’s offline or not and works fine regardless of the offline mode status.

Unless you’ve set some untypical security settings (like isolation of each client) you don’t need to touch your router.
On QNAP a firewall can potentially block ARC port. That’s something you may want to check.

But the most important configuration you have to do is Roon ARC section in Roon settings.

Never worked very well for me if core is offline without being in offline mode. Maybe that’s changed as I have not been in that situation for a while but last time it threw a hissy fit.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I did. Port forwarding on my QNAP has been turned off. Works like a charm!

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For me this is what work:

  1. Turn off port forwarding in your router.
  2. Set firewall to local network only in your NAS.
  3. Log into Arc app (logout and back in if you were logged in before).
    Arc will detect your network settings and it will notify you in the app that you can only access your library on you local network.

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