Using Cambridge Audio Blu Ray Player as DAC

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I am working on a music server to use as Roon core and am considering my options for DACs. Right now the cheapest option would be to go from an endpoint into my McIntosh C50’s internal DAC, which is a Texas Instrument 1795 PCM DAC capable of handling up to 32 bit-192kHz. However I also have a Cambridge Audio Azur 752BD Blu Ray player, which has Wolfson’s excellent WM8740 - and actually 7 of them.

I am wondering whether there is any way Roon might work with the Cambridge Audio as a DAC. I have not been very successful in trying to use the DAC for playing FLAC files so far, largely due to the clunky interface and limited connectivity. It does come with Ethernet port though, so I am thinking that something could be done - possibly even as an endpoint, although that would start feeling quite far-fetched.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I think you could go HDMI or optical from some sort of Roon bridge device into your Cambridge 752BD, then analog out from there to your amp or powered speakers.

Your best bet would be to get something like an Allo DigiOne which will take ethernet in and output to coax SPDIF. Then out from the 752 to the AMP.

The 752’s ethernet will not work with Roon as it has to be running Roon’s RAAT software; and the USB ports are for storage devices only.

Thanks to both, this is of great help. I assume Roon will not be able to power on the CA from the app - which would be really great to do.

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As Daniel says

I use a Raspberry Pi. With an Allo Digione coax output to my Cambridge Audio CXN with Riopeee software

Very low cost and just works

You have no displays to worry about with CD player