Using Demo, but needs restarting all the time

I like the sound from HQPlayer but I’m using the trial version and it keeps stopping. I can quite happily play a few songs via roon then it stops and I have to reboot my server. Try to play via tidal and HQPlayer gives up the ghost, nothing, then I have to reboot to play through my server.

I’m sure this software is good, I like the sound, but how am I sposed to evaluate it with thoughts of purchase if it don’t work?

Which OS are you on? On Mac/Linux the trial allows 30 minutes per run and then requires HQPlayer restart. (Windows is 30 days from first installation)

If it stops sooner than in 30 minutes, or you are on Windows, then the problem is a communication issue between HQPlayer and Roon we’ve been trying to solve recently. It starts working again by disconnecting the comms link by clicking the chain link icon that you find from the volume control pop-up in Roon. Then just start playback again by clicking Play.

Thanks for the reply. Nice to hear your working on the issue. It is windows so i’ll give that a try. Great software by the way.

Hi Phil,

There is a fix for the disconnection issues between Roon and HQP in alpha testing and Brian has indicated he hopes to get it out this week. The indications from testing are very positive. I expect it will solve most of the disconnect/transport issues that people have reported.

Upcoming 3.13 release of HQPlayer fixes some remaining issues especially regarding DSD sources but should also make the control interface behavior more stable.

Thank you Jussi. Looking forward.

I have experienced a strange behaviour of Roon nobody has reported yet (according to my knowledge). If I use Roon (the former build 93) for a while the “loudspeaker icon” (right bottom side) showing HQ Player connection changes to another icon (that of HQ Player) - in this case some files must be sent to HQ Player (I see a new play list called “Roon”) but HQ Player won`t start playing at all.
If I reinstall Roon the problem is abolished for a while (I see the “loudspeaker icon” with HQ Player title again). With your latest build 94 I have the problem all the time. (no other icon than the HQ Player Icon).
Im am using a Mac Book Pro (Mavericks installed, CAD script (computeraudiophile) running).

Any ideas? Hope with your next build?