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Using Dirac PC version trial version for room correction. The new version for PC’s is not available and Dirac has allowed me to extend the trial usage by writing every two weeks to have it extended until such time the software is released live for purchase.

To get around the constant renewal they had suggested I use the VST or AU Plug IN but let me know that ROON does not support that route.

They suggested I look at Audio Hijack as a virtual cable, but it is only written for MacOs, not Windows.

Anyone know of a similar software that would act as a virtual cable so Ican use the Dirac VST or AU with ROON, since Dirac has no release date yet for the new PC version.

As far as I’m aware, you need hardware to use DIRAC room calibration. MiniDSP is a good choice for a DIRAC processor, but you can also look into Roon DSP’s convolution if you have the facilities to record the convolution of your room.

I don’t have the Dirac VST and have only given Audio Hijack a quick look.

I think the following may help, either individually or combined.

Have a look at VB Audio products, particularly Voicemeeter.

If you need a VST host then have a look at Herman Seib VST host.
There is also Pedal Board, Cantabile lite and perhaps even 3delite DS WASAPI ASIO router mixer.

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Are you telling us that Dirac 2.0 VST/AU is available? Beta? General Availability?

There is an alternate method per below:

Roon(LMS) => squeez2upnp => foobar2000(as VST host w/upnp plugin) => dac

or in my case

Roon(LMS) => squeez2upnp => foobar2000(as VST host w/upnp plugin) =>
jplay femto upnp server => audio pc => dac

Yon can do this on a single PC or over as many as 5 if you wish.

Dirac 2.0 is not available yet in the PC version, I was using the trial version and was going to purchas when they pulled the trial version and stopped marketing the full one to concentrate on the new version to come.

Thank you for your kind reply. I hope the wait is worthwhile.

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