Using DSP to Adjust Speaker Output Versus NAD 765 Audyssey Room Correction?

My current NAD 765 allows for Audyssey Room Correction. I ran it, and it only boosted a couple of speakers by a few db. I am running a 7.1 speaker system. For some reason, Audessy can’t see the ELAC sub-woofer, but it still plays…and that ELAC sub-woofer has its own room correction. Anyway, I went back to NAD speaker set up and eliminated all of the db boost on some speakers. All are set to 0 db. Then I went into Roon DSP and used the speaker set-up, just entering speaker distances. Im just wondering what happens when Roon passes that sound into my NAD, which has its own DAC. Does the DAC ignore the Roon input and output the NAC speaker settings output? Not a big thing…I can’t tell the difference…just interested in how it works.

The other part of my question involves my setup of the NAD 765 on Roon. NAD 765 not an option on Roon, so I use NAD 758. I chose in advanced settings output stereo to 7.1, but I’m getting no sound on the rear or surround channels using my Tidal sources…is that because Tidal is a 2.0 source? In other words, what does the Roon stereo to 7.1 output actually do?

Are you refering to the original NAD 758 or to the new NAD 758 v3?
I suppose you run Roon via the BluOS module on the NAD 758 v3.
The BluOS module is 2 channel stereo only, but you can set the NAD Listening Mode to NEO:6 Cinema, NEO:6 Music, EARS or ENHANCED STEREO.
So RTFM :grinning:

Thank you for the prompt reply. I have a 10-15 year old NAD 765, but have to use the 758 settings. The Original. No BluOS. Typically NAD 765 gives me the choice of NEO 6 Movie, NEO 6 Audio, EARS, etc. when playing Xfinity source or other. However, when playing any of my burned CDs or Tidal sources, NAD provides choices Direct and Stereo Downmix only. No sound from back or surround channels. I must have something set wrong in the device setup. Will try to eliminate stereo to 7.1 setting. I also see option to map to discrete channels in Roon device setup.

Some problems resolved this evening.

So, on a MacBook Pro, I have HDMI connected via USB-C adapter to my old NAD 765 home theatre, which supports 7.1 sound. But to get all of the NAD surround options, you have to go into the MacBook Pro MIDI setup, and choose a 2 channel, 16 bit, 44.1 or 48 Khz option for HDMI. Then the NAD will allow EARS, NEO 6, enhanced stereo, etc.

Also, re display issues, there are several options that allow me to control the Roon display on my TV when starting a session from a remote Mac, while still allowing the Roon Core Output on my MacBook Pro using HDMI to my NAD amp. From my remote iMac I found I can simply send the display to my TV using the built in Apple display functions on the top bar of my Mac.