Using folder names for metadata

How can I use my folder names as names for albums in Roon? Albums are undistinguishable in Roon, easily identified using folder names. Pictured are some examples.


@Richard_Cumberland - I’m pretty sure Roon doesn’t use folder names to catogorize albums.

You will probably need to use a metadata tag editor, Mp3tag is one I can think of off hand. There may be better ways to fix the metadata though.


Hope this helps!

Thanks, TheRiz. I don’t understand how modifying my metadata will change the displayed information in Roon. This data is coming from some kind of Roon database or third party database that Roon uses.

Is there some documentation for how Roon determines its display names?
Is there an escalation request process or feature request process?

I have over 2000 CDs, mostly classical, acquired over the past 45 years, with all the data I need to clearly identify them in the folders where they are stored. Life is too short to spend a couple months trying to make my library fit Roon when IMVHO it should be the other way around.



Using folders, expressing information, is the wrong idea.
All shall be subject to meta Data
Imagine that your files were hit by a hard disk disaster. The files could be recovered, but not the directory structure or file name.
How do you deal with it? The data that represents you is completely corrupted?
Meta Data has advantages that have little to do with where your files are located.
Management should rely on the relevant music software management view,
That’s what’s directly related to music data, not file browsers.

I suggest you start using the Meta editing tool, drag the folder in, and start editing.
And if your documentation isn’t terrible, it should be done pretty quickly
You only have a few thousand. That’s not a lot.

There are tools that will take the folder name and convert it to album name so will take very little time.

And songkong can use folder names as part if it’s ID process.

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@Richard_Cumberland - Hopefully what @NNN & @ged_hickman1 said helps this make more sense. If you need more help just let us know, happy to help :smiley: