Using hearing aids with Roon doesn't work [Ticket In]

Hi @Paul_Howell ,

Thanks for confirming that the issue is still current on your end. I’ve been discussing this with the team and we believe we see what is going on here, it looks like audio content is being re-sampled to a 16kHz sample rate that is the highest that the hearing aid supports, and this sample rate is currently not supported by Roon. We’ve put in a ticket to see if we can improve this behavior.


I have some time ago reported the same problem and also with me it is still there using Oticon OPN hearing aids. I hope you are able to solve the problem.

Pieter dVR

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Thanks Noris

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Also with ROON ARC I have still the same problem! I hope it can be solved. My hearing aids are also Oticon OPN1.


Me too i did mention it as a beta tester.