Using iphone as a remote

I have my mac mini set up as the core and I think I have my iphone X set up as a remote but being new to roon I am going to ask a stupid question. When I am next to my mac I choose music to play on it as it is connected by usb to my klipsch powered speakers that have a built in dac. So when I leave roon open on the core mac mini sometimes I might leave the previous music choice on the screen but not playing. When I go into another room to play another endpoint and I open roon on my iphone I don’t see the same music choice that is on the screen of my mac. I can choose to play any song in roon by using my iphone as a remote but does it matter that I don’t see the song choice that was on the mac? I guess what I am asking is am I suppose to see the same thing on my iphone that is showing on the mac and does it even matter? Thanks for overlooking my stupidity but I would have thought they would show the same thing. Also, another follow up to this question is can you use any number of iphones as remotes as I have a iphone 6s in my bathroom that is strictly used to play music to an endpoint in there as it is a spare phone that does not have the cellular activated?

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Go to Settings > Audio you will see the various roon end points you can play to . So to control your mac mini on your phone select that and you will see it on the phone. Select the phone and you can play and see that.
Same applies when you are on the mac you can control whats playing on the phone.
You probably want to browse through

Each endpoint will have its own play history, so if you select the Mac endpoint on the iPhone you should see what was playing/ paused.

Thanks Martin. It helps to visualize the Mac as an endpoint as well as the core. I keep thinking that when I open roon on my iphone to use my iphone as a remote I start to question am I playing music that is on my iphone as I have my same music library along with qobuz loaded on my iphone or am I playing music from the core on my mac.

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Music always plays from the core as a source. The selected endpoint determines where sound comes out. The control point/s can be anything.

I have the same question. This is an important UI issue. Roon is core + devices where you play from + devices where you play to. This is now how it appears in all the various apps though. On iPhone, I should be able to see clearly that my Mac Mini has the core, and play everything in that core from my iPhone.

This is not obvious, at all. IN fact the interface and the language of things is varied. On my iPhone, I cannot see clearly my Tidal playlists, or my own FLAC files on the Mac Mini. The idea is not only to list pics of albums and artists, it’s to honour the playlists we spend countless hours preparing in apps like Tidal.